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I had taken my son to an audition (if you read the yahoo! We took him to the place where the auditions were held and our first impression was "OOOOKKKAAAYY" it wasn't the most desirable place, but anyhoo we took the young one inside to audition.He sang his song and it was over as soon as it started.Eliot Goldberg and Grant Julian will serve as co-executive producers.Ryan Seacrest Productions is the original content division of Ryan Seacrest Enterprises, focusing on both scripted and non-scripted television production and development for network, cable, syndication and digital outlets.

All of this will unfold as 32 single women -- some classy and some brassy -- vie for the attention of the three eligible bachelors and their mothers who live with them throughout the series.

[10/02/08 - AM]Find Out Who Really Is the Most Important Woman in Every Man's Life When 'Momma's Boys' -- New Reality Dating Series from Ryan Seacrest Productions and Glassman Media -- Premieres October 29 on Nbc In addition, starting this week casting for season two of the "Momma's Boys" begins across the United States.

FIND OUT WHO REALLY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WOMAN IN EVERY MAN�S LIFE WHEN 'MOMMA'S BOYS' -- NEW REALITY DATING SERIES FROM RYAN SEACREST PRODUCTIONS AND GLASSMAN MEDIA -- PREMIERES OCTOBER 29 ON NBC In Addition, Casting Calls Begin for Season Two of "Momma�s Boys" Across the United States, Including New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Washington, D.

Glassman's credits include NBC's hit "Average Joe," the critically-acclaimed "Three Wishes" (NBC) which was named the "most family friendly show on broadcast television"; "The Ex-Wives Club" (ABC), "National Bingo Night" (ABC), and "Bingo America" (GSN).

Glassman Media was founded by Andrew Glassman in 2001 following his successful career as an Emmy Award-winning investigative broadcast journalist during which he appeared on-air at NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC, WCAU and WNBC.

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"Momma's Boys" is a production of Ryan Seacrest Productions and Glassman Media.

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