Wpf contentcontrol binding not updating

Model attached property on a UIElement, the locator is invoked to see how that composed View Model should be rendered at that location in the UI. Model attached property explicitly in your UI (optionally combining it with the View.Context attached property for contextual rendering), or it can be added by convention, thus causing conventional composition of views to occur.There are three places that the framework uses the View Locator; three places where you can expect the view location conventions to be applied. Here, your root View Model is passed to the locator in order to determine how your application’s shell should be rendered.

We support the same conventions out of the box as before, but you can now more easily add custom transformation rules.Template Issue Regular Binding will automatically work without a Data Template.It will generate a Data Template to display a string representation of the provided data.This means that you can customize them by simply replacing them with your own implementations.If you just want to add to the existing behavior, simply store the existing Func in a variable, create a new Func that calls the old and and assign the new Func to View Locator. v1.1 Changes In v1.1 we’ve completely changed the implementation of the Locate For Model Type func.

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