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While sermons certainly contain application, typically there is not time to go into great depth with that application.That aim—in depth application—is better met in Bible study.When the ten weeks is over, the offerings almost always trend downward.However, they typically do not revert to the same level as before.The program addresses financial stewardship evangelically and comprehensively.

We also will provide resources and training, if needed, so that congregations might strengthen their Elder program in an effort to decrease levels of delinquency through earnest and prompt proclamation of law and gospel. begins with a three-week worship/Bible study series.

The suggest start date is Sunday, September 8, the weekend after Labor Day.

It is typically a very well attended Sunday, as family vacations are over, and kids are heading back to school.

Desperation plays a big factor in WELS order brides.

Most WELS order bride couples live in the midwest no more then 3 hours from where they grew up.

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WELS females consider it true love and agree to marry for the same fear of being separated.

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