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The elders did not think that protracting the meeting under the circumstances would be prudent. Caldwell [left] to go to his command (Mulls com[mand] Tilghman Scouts. Went to Josiah Caldwells and spent the night pleasantly. Of course there is much anxiety to hear from our friends in that area. The people complain of the lawless proceedings of some of the men who are gathering up beeves and corn in that country. About 10 heard a considerable volley--as of a platoon fired I think in Tishomingo bottom. Inges men met them at the Creek just below James Hill's and they fired at Long range. The New Albany fight was not so important as we had heard. They went towards Corinth crossing Tallahatchie at Kelly's upper Mill. See from his papers that Rosecrans is being heavily reinforced from Meade's army.

Today and yes[terday] we have heard various r[umors]. On Monday the 21st, I think it was, there was a stubborn fight 2 m west of Ringgold, lasting from 10 A. Chalmers command up in Lafayette, Falkner's Regiment is camped at the mouth of Tippah, so Br. Occasional firing was heard on down the Pontotoc road. These men while at Knox's sent a squad and searched the house of Wm.

My most well known GLAD song is probably In the First Light, which has also been recorded by Point of Grace, Todd Agnew, and Travis Cottrell.

Ironically, I originally wrote “In the First Light” for a local singer, Kathy Sinni, who wanted to sing an “all year round” Christmas song.

Text scanned (OCR) by Victoria Strickland-Cordial Text encoded by Hope Mc Cullough and Natalia Smith First edition, 1999 ca. Uncle Jo was up on a scout last night towards Stubbs. I do not think that anything was the matter with the mainspring but I do not know, I am "satisfied" with Mc Allisters charges. Uncle Jo is home on a two day furlough to get Page 26 him a pair of shoes if he can. It is reported that Corinth is evacuated, a scout has been sent up to see if it is so. The report of the capture of La Grange is still current. It is also said that Chalmers is advancing towards Memphis with the design of burning it.

550K Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1999. Yankees were there, really, variously estimated at from 360 to 1500. It uncertain whether they went on down the Wolf's Ferry road or to Kelly's. There are no doubt movements along the M & C R R which are important but we can only conjecture what they are. I hear nothing confirmatory of the reported evacuation of Corinth.

Songs I’ve written include The Glory of the Cross, Let Your Kingdom Come, Grace Unmeasured, and O Great God.

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I saw a Missouri Democrat of the 15th, but did not read much in it. The Yankees took 6 pieces of artillery from Cleburnes division during the night. Up very early and breakfasted by daylight as Uncle Jo wished to return to camp by times. Longstreet's Corps occupy Lookout Mountain and it is said that with his artillery, he has complete command of the city. Redding Smith has called here on Friday was a week and told me would sing. Our idea was they were Yankees but where had they come from, that was the mystery After they had passed through Wile & I returned to the mules. A large congregation, especially of ladies, present. I also returned thanks and dismissed the congregation.

This day has been clouded and appearances indicate rain soon. The Yankees have but one door of escape, that is across Wallen Ridge, but for some reason they do not fancy that route. A portion of the day we had some wind and in the wind it was quite cool. (Worthy had gone to Watson's to give notice of our fact.) When we got to the mules we learned that Worthy had returned and having received word that the cavalry we had seen were Ham's men, had gone with their stock home. The Ebenezer there was cannonading heard in that direction, and it is certain there was fighting near Salem.

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