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Family: Father: Boris Sagal, a Russian-Jewish TV and film director. Katey's mother had been diagnosed with heart disease and she died in 1975, leaving Katey to help raise her younger siblings. Birth: Born 19th January, 1955 or 1956, in Hollywood, California. Husband: Freddie Beckmeyer (1977 - 1980); Jack White (Nov 1993 - July 2000); Kurt Sutter (October 2004 - present). The first one was "The Failing of Raymond" (1971), and Katey played an escapee from a mental institution who didn't talk much. She lived in LA's Mandeville Canyon when she was 12. Height: 5'9" Hair: Dark as a child; red from 1986-1991; brown or black 1993 to present. Katey lived in several homes as a child, as her father was "wherever the work was".1978 also included Bette Midler's international tour.Katey decided to leave the Harlettes before Bette's 1979 "Divine Madness" tour, but she joined them again for the 1982/83 "De Tour".DURING THE SHOW Katey was partially responsible for the Peggy Bundy look and style.Peggy was originally planned to be a couch potato, like Al, like someone who never got dressed.

Her father was a TV and film director who directed such films as "The Omega Man" and "Girl Happy", mini-series like "Rich Man, Poor Man", and TV series such as "Dr Kildare", "Peter Gunn", "The Twilight Zone" and "Man From U. Even as a girl scout she would be singing and playing her guitar.

Among the people she has backed up are: Bette Midler (as a Harlette), Bob Dylan (for two months only, before half the band and all the singers were fired), Etta James, Tanya Tucker, Molly Hatchet "Take No Prisoners" (1981), Olivia Newton-John "Soul Kiss" (1985), David Della Rossa "Nothin' But Trouble" (1987), Gene Simmons "Gene Simmons" (1978), Carolyn Ray and Paolinho da Costa. Katey and her singing waiter friends formed a band.

After meeting Gene Simmons in their restaurant, they were taken to Neil Bogart's (President of Casablanca Records) office.

Her twin sisters, Jean and Liz, formerly of the 1984-85 television series "Double Trouble", now work behind the scenes on television shows.

Except for her brother, David, who is a lawyer (Harvard Law School), all of Katey's siblings went into showbiz.

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