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Though he had high grades at school, Charlie decided not to go to college until Deanna finished school.

Songs include some of his greatest hits, including "Nature Boy," "It's a Good Day," and "Unforgettable." The production also costars Broadway guy Daniel J. CD, and that thing ended up being on repeat for a long time.After graduating from Georgetown, Charlie was forced to make good on a promise he made to the President to move on and leave his job as the President's body man once he graduated. Cregg, the newly appointed Chief of Staff, asked Charlie to stay in the West Wing as a special aide to the Chief of Staff.Charlie found it hard to leave the White House and began passing his résumé around the West Wing. A man named Curtis Carruthers replaced Charlie as President Bartlet's body man.All the signs were there that the show should have had a successful run, but he needed a national sponsor; you needed one for a national TV show to thrive. Here's where the play really shows us the nuances in the social situation.What they say is that sponsors were afraid of how viewers in the South might react to a show hosted by a black man.

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