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Whether you’re single and loving it, or in a committed relationship, here are some ideas to help you find the right balance between romance and dieting.

Between going out for drinks to meet new people and going out on dinner dates, it’s all too easy to lose sight of your weight loss goals during the excitement of dating.

But as we all know, if the cycle continues, you can lose sight of your fitness goals and end up feeling like you just finished your first year in college, only this time with a few added wrinkles. Communication is one of the pillars of any great relationship.

He or she might like you for who you are, and not care about a few extra pounds, which is not really a bad thing.But in the whirlwind of meeting the person of your dreams, sometimes you focus on your heart and lose sight of your waistline.Yes, the dreaded dating dozen is the sister of the freshman fifteen, but hopefully with higher-quality food involved.A lovely tablecloth, some music—you have a date to remember. Don’t rain on the parade, but be very smart when attending.Remember that steamed, broiled, or grilled items are usually healthier than fried, sautéed, or baked-in-cheese-sauce ones.

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