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For example: I’ve been watching you for a while because I hacked you through a trojan virus in an ad on a porn website.If you are not familiar with this, I will explain this.The good news is that it’s all a pack of lies, so you can relax.But the bad news is that this sort of cybercrime is nevertheless confronting and scary, because of how the crooks claim to have spied on you.

The crooks are just trying to scare you into paying them something.Remember, they send out these sextortions by the million – in the last 24 hours, Sophos Labs received 1700 samples of just one new sextortion spam campaign in its spamtraps.So even if only a few recipients get scared enough to pay, the crooks end up making thousands of dollars with almost no outlay. Delete the offending emails, and don’t engage with the crooks at all.Even if you don’t watch porn, what else might they know about you if they have spyware on your laptop?If you’ve ever heard of RATs, short for Remote Access Trojans, you’ll know that malware does exist that makes it possible for a crook to turn on your webcam remotely.

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