Vb net maskedtextbox validating

The Dialog Box dissapears but no items was added to the Toolbox.

Second test is to to the exactly same thing but this time uncheck ALL items and only check the "Masked Edit Extender".

masking style is __:__I need to use Military Time (24hr format) ________________________________________________________Zameer Abdulla Help to find Missing people in the mask property "HH:mm"is for military timethe other is "hh:mm"the MM like in "dd/MM/yyyy" is used for monthsto get the __ you need to set _ as the promptchar Christiaan Baes Belgium My Blog "In a system where you can define a factor as part of a third factor, you need another layer to check the main layer in case the second layer is not the base unit." - jrbarnett I created the Input Mask from the dialog box.

I think I have to ask, what I need is the AJAX toolkit installed. Using the Mask property, you can specify the following input without writing any custom validation logic in your application: control is displayed at run time, it represents the mask as a series of prompt characters and optional literal characters. NET Tips and Tricks, C# Tips & Tricks, Visual Studio 2010, . NET Tips & Tricks The Masked Text Box class is an enhanced Text Box control that supports a declarative syntax for accepting or rejecting user input.So I have to close the application in "Task Manager".I have done the same thing 4 times now with the same behaviour.

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The "Ajax Control Toolkit.dll" is also in my bin folder of the project and I have tried to restart Web Developer 2008 Express Edition many times doing the same procedure. There must be any detail that I miss out somewhere. Could it be any settings somewhere for this or do I perheps need reinstall Web Developer 2008 ?

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