Updating your garage

While etching isn’t hard, safety is the priority here.Muriatic Acid, also known as hydrochloric acid, is a strong acid.Prepping may look like a lot of work, but, truthfully, we did all of the prep work (except moving stuff) in a single day.For additional instruction and examples, check out this how-to video from Behr. If your concrete floor collects moisture, it can get under the coating and you will not have a proper bond. Tear off a few feet of clear plastic wrap and lay it on the floor.Here are some tutorials that I compiled that will walk you through the process.

Just thought I would throw in some over the top DIY garage doors that caught my eye.They started with a good cleaning with a power washer.You could just use a rag or sponges and some vinegar and dish soap to the same effect though.We needed a product that was beautiful but wouldn’t reflect the sun in our eyes while working on the table-saw.After months of searching for a product that would hit all of our criteria, I found this: If you are planning on recoating the garage floor, there are a few tips to make your project the best it can be.

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