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In contrast, the University of Tampa (UT) Spartans has a fairly new collegiate hockey team, which was founded in 2011.

Despite being a new team, UT has averaged around 70 players attending their yearly tryouts over the last three seasons.

Typically, the caliber of players coming to play at this level will go to highschool and play travel hockey and then decide whether or not to continue to play at college.

This is beneficial due to the familiarity with some of the kids coming in.

Besides qualifying for the tournament, the FGCU Eagles have had the most consistent success over the last decade, winning the ACHA Division 2 Championships in 2012, 2016, 20 along with their Division 3 team finishing second in 2005, 20.

As teams become more and more competitive in Florida, institutions across the state have seen increased interest from high schools players all around the world.

While some institutions founded hockey teams in the 1990s, it took until the mid-2000s for the sport to find stable footing throughout colleges.

Florida is, first and foremost, a football state, making it difficult for any other sports team to thrive.

With hockey being a niche sport on campus, local media rarely have the resources to give teams coverage outside of specific rivalry games.

While players do what they can to spread the word around campus and on social media, the majority of students have no idea that their school has a hockey team.

Oftentimes, they find out by seeing a player wearing their jersey to a football game or handing out flyers at a campus event.

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