Understanding nonverbals when dating

_________________"In my world it's a place of patterns and feel. It's my world, nobody can steal it, but people like me, we live in the shadows." -Donna Williams This is what my older brother does.

He can't speak, but will often repeat words that my mother repeats a few times.

I always had this preconceived notion that it meant "not being able to talk"; mute/dumb. It had been hard to gain and was easy to lose when I started experiencing more stress and pressure.) I sometimes slip up and call myself non-verbal, but I usually go for non-speaking instead because it seems more specific -- "verbal" can just mean "language", and I am using language when I am typing, as well as using (receptive) language when I read or listen to other people's language.

I learned to speak, read, etc, fairly early in life (1-3 yrs), but I never employed these skills to have meaningful conversations and I recall going out in public and tugging on my moms coat to have her order food for me because I was unable to talk to the cashier. Voluntary -- I've heard of some people taking a vow of silence, and others deciding to be mute. The amount of distress any such difficulty causes depends on what I'm trying to do at that moment.

He never uses speech as a form of communication though.

Ear-piercing squeals mean he's happy/cheeky/excited though.

I would surprise teachers with my essays and what not. Yea im the same way, writing im good at, typing extremely good at, type without even lookin at the keyboard, signing good at, anything verbal i defintely fail out.

Hate, it seems, is a greater motivation behind strong action than love. Knowing how to deal with hate is as simple as understanding this fact.

(I used to also have at some speech that I could use to mean things I said, but that's all but gone by now.

When it came to speaking to people I either didn't know what to say or didn't have anything to say. Nothing wrong with it though, some of the best writers in the world have problems getting what they want to say across through speech so they put their thoughts in books and become very successful. I've heard it used to mean: * unable to use speech or any other language * unable to use speech at all * unable to use speech for standard communicative purposes I alternate between those.

[Read: An ex’s hate story] But, hate need not always be because of someone else.

It is as much an indicator of your own personality, say psychologists.

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When it came to speaking to people I either didn't know what to say or didn't have anything to say. Nonverbal usually means can't engage in one and one conversation or even have a conversation, a lot of nonverbals do echolila to talk.

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