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Of course there were plenty of anxious nights wondering where I’ll get my next paycheck, or if I’ll find work, or if I was crazy to leave stability for the unknown.

But my self-doubt never lasted long, because the moment I’d begin to question myself & my decision, something would happen to confirm I was on the right path.

The debut event, Let’s Taco Bout Love, will be held on Feb.I’ve been fascinated with love & human behavior for as long as I can remember.When I began my career as an entertainment journalist, that desire only grew stronger, so I created The Problem With Dating, a multimedia platform that discusses modern romance & dating.What began as a hobby, for all intents and purposes, snowballed into a much bigger movement to reconnect with our heart & the practice of unconditional love.What I love most about the message I put out is it’s very authentic & transparent.

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  1. Because of that stigma, people I date often feel they need to keep me a secret. I don’t blame straight men for having that mentality, because of the way society treats them. We’re proud of the journey we’ve made, so be proud to show us off. But then, as time went on, I realised that being trans doesn’t define someone. I will tell them eventually, but I’d rather they get to know me for me, rather than make their assumptions.

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