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The name/title and the address of the foreign manufacturer of an imported commodity to be labeled may not be written in the Chinese language. With its network of 108 offices across the United States and in more than 75 countries, the U. According to the Article 10 of the Act, if any of the following conditions apply, the scope of application, date of expiration, methods of use and storage of the commodity, and other points requiring attention must be indicated: Prepared by our U. I’m a Korean girl dating a Taiwanese guy for 3 years. My friends have all been with Taiwanese guys and not 1 of them have had a problem! Any suggestions on how to remotely get to know these people?His parents only met me once and they have decided that they do not like me because I’m not Taiwanese! THey do not want to meet me or want anything to do with me. My boyfriend and I have struggled with this…we were planning to get married in 2 years but it’s been very stressful. I feel so unlucky to have met a family who is narrow-minded and ridiculous! Looks like you feel in love with a guy from one of those traditional families and the day is coming when your bf will have to make a difficult choice. I have a difficult time accepting that it’s such a ridiculous reason! The sad thing is that I love him so much I’m having a hard time letting it go.

Taiwan’s Commodity Labeling Act, amended on January 26, 2011, stipulates that all labeling shall be made in Chinese and may be supplemented by English or other foreign languages. They’ve tried to convince him to come home, but he is adamant about waiting for his girl.Three years ago, social workers arranged for a place for him to live, but he refused to move, claiming that he’s used to waiting now.Bags or bales also must bear a nonrecurring number, date, or set of three or more letters.In addition, each package of a consignment must be numbered consecutively.

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