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As an Empath continues to grow, whether they realize it or not, they can often create protection methods around themselves to keep them safe from all the feelings that they can sense.If an Empath does not understand these patterns they can often turn into bad habits, addictions, and self-sabotaging patterns.I know our paths will cross again, but it is hard to not put what we had on a pedestal. Deep conversation; surrendering to the moment; dancing for hours.I am mostly just extremely grateful that she reminded me what my heart can do when it is open to love.Motivation to look for new partners before this relationship had been very low. As with everything, as long as you are following your heart and doing things that interest you, nature will take care of the rest. I was so fully present, in a way that I had never thought possible pre-meditation, that everything and touch was magnified.It was amazing, to be there with her, instead of somewhere else my thoughts were taking me. I've been in a pretty serious contemplative mode for the past two and a half years.Before awakening I felt compelled to follow the masses, not so much anymore.I now honor diverse relationships, which extends far beyond gay, bi, trans and straight..

I'm veering off into perpetual celibacy so that's the extent of my advice. One of my biggest realizations as well is that I don't even need a relationship, the expectations about the desires of intimiacy and companionship with the opposite sex!I still have thoughts and some longings about the third girl.I think this is because she is a similarly awakened individual, someone I could easily spend this life with, but she lives in South America, very far away.Like even when I go to weddings, every girl my age will already in a relationship or something. I am honestly at a stage in life where I can safely say I have no interest in dating, but also no interest in not-dating.I'm only interested, if that's the right word, to see where life goes, so I can be fully present when whatever does happen, happens.

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