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You can now use any internet connected device to send SMS or text messages to your loved ones - without installing an Android or i OS free texting app.SENDa TEXT interconnects with all mobile carriers in US, Canada and all other countries.However, anti-ERA groups ramped up their opposition during that time and, the 38-state ratification requirement was never met and the robust national fight for ERA ratification died.Now, almost four decades later, there is an encouraging resurgence of the women’s movement which has contributed to a renewed interest in the ERA.No matter where you live, our global communication infrastructure and keep you connected to your friends and family.We use modern internet and VOIP communication technology to provide seamless communication across different devices.In a promising step, Nevada was the first state since 1982 to ratify the amendment in 2017. The first step is to fill the gap and get the 3 additional states required to ratify the ERA.

SENDa TEXT is world's first free texting app that is entirely web browser based.The ERA is a very simple, straightforward amendment putting protection for women directly into the United States Constitution.The entire text of the proposed amendment is: Section 1. Constitution were all white, landholding (and many slave-holding) men. Constitution reflects our most sacred values and ratifying the ERA would help gender equality become a bedrock value of American society.You no longer need to download any i OS or Android App to send free text messages from your smartphone or computer.Simply open your browser, go to start sending free texts to your friends and family.

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