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A member writes: I’m 62, three years divorced, fit for a man my age,…Naked at Our Age Senior sexpert Joan Price’s blog offers sex tips and reviews of sex toys from a senior perspective.

& Aging: Sexuality in Later Life The National Institute on Aging discusses normal changes, health conditions that can cause treatable sex problems, and what you can do.

If you went online this Valentine’s Day to give online dating a try, you may have received a few responses or even reached out to some new people yourself.That’s because the messages we grew up with about what a woman is supposed to do and say can hinder our ability to find the person we’re searching for.Remember those admonitions about being “too forward”? Online dating is a process that starts with “who is this person? That’s the question that many of us find ourselves asking as a friend approaches her 50th birthday.After all, 50 today is not what it was a generation or two ago.

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  1. Let me take the "Is Linked In a Dating site for some members? I stress that this is not solely aimed at men sending inappropriate messages to female Linked In members; I am well aware that men receive unacceptable messages from women too.