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There is a sad story that surrounds the childhood of Sandra, which occurred in 1993 when her entire family, except her was flying in an airplane, which was flown by her father.

In a shocking moment, she received the news that all three of her family members turned up dead, which shattered her completely.

She had a mother Madeline Mc Coy, who worked as a high school teacher in Physical Education, and was also the coach for tennis and aerobics to the students.

Later, she wanted to become a psychiatrist and thus moved to Los Angeles and got enrolled at the Santa Clara University for a Bachelor’s in Psychology.Taken in by her grandparents, she recovered from that incident slowly and started to get back to her regular routine.She practiced ballet dance in school and also performed in several events that helped her boost her confidence.Sandra Mc Coy is an American actress of both movies and TV shows, perhaps best known for her role in the TV drama Cry Wolf (2006).She was also seen in different acting roles in different shows, like that of Amber Capece in CSI: NY, as Tina in Two and a Half Man, as Haily in House of Fears, as Serena in Nite Tales: The Movie and many others.

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