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Every ten years, the US government takes a national census to find out who lives where, what they do for work, the languages they speak and more.

It’s good, important stuff, but it doesn’t necessarily tell Americans who they are — the dreams and goals of ordinary people, how we describe ourselves.

If you’ve ever attempted online dating–or really, even filled out your Facebook profile–you know how agonizing it can be to figure out exactly what information about yourself you want to include.

How can you quantify, in writing, how you want the rest of the world to see you? Luke Du Bois aims to answer in his series of graphics, A More Perfect Union.]The bright purple districts have the highest level of people of both sexes who identified as shy. You’ll note that, for future reference, the kinkiest women are in West Virginia and the kinkiest men are in the Southwest:]If these maps recall the traditional red and blue political maps we’ve become used to, that’s no coincidence.

(People’s names weren’t included, either.) Du Bois then replaced the name of every city in the United States with these words, and his project, called “A More Perfect Union,” was born.

This text map of the Bay Area, for instance, has the most positive buzzwords, like “spirituality,” “create” and “purpose.” It also includes some pretty obvious ones like “gay” in San Francisco, “liberal” in Santa Cruz and “young” in Oakland.

We are, apparently, a very self-deprecating country.

It’s these sort of decisions that fascinated Du Bois in the first place; the new sorts of writing that people on dating sites are forced into: “You’re essentially describing yourself for the purpose of being ‘liked’ You …

After a lot of analysis, he replaced cities and zip codes with the prominent word pulled from the profiles. If you're interested in his method, watch his entertaining TED Talk (If you just want the bit about our area, skip ahead to ).

It was done for fun, art, insights, and is necessarily imperfect.

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