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Here’s an exmaple of the help command and the available man pages.

DESCRIPTION pkg add installs a package from either a local source or a remote one.

One of the very cool features of pkgng, you can manage packages in side a jail or chroot from the host OS by providing the Jail ID (JID) or chroot path.

The next thing we see are all the subcommands that we can use, including a useful ‘help’ subcommand that will quickly display the man page (if available for that command).

This made me to resolve to write a basic shell script to download a package and its dependencies for a Free BSD 10 machine. However, when I started dwelling deeper I noticed Free BSD’s pkg already had it covered! The following packages will be fetched: New packages to be FETCHED: . There is a gotcha which I had not covered as I had not faced it ;), the default Free BSD repository is pointed to the quarterly release branch, that is applications are updated once in three months or so.

🙂 You need following: # mkdir /root/off-pac # pkg fetch -d -o /root/off-pac vlc Updating Free BSD repository catalogue… But as the RELEASE disc comes with a fixed package set, using applications from the quarterly can cause issues, especially with the dependencies. In my example I had tried this on Free BSD RELEASE 10.2, but some of the libraries were old by the time I started downloading packages from the official quarterly repository.

Free BSD’s response has always been, (not actual quote), “We have the ports collection, which is cooler and more flexible than just having some easy to use package manager.

When you make install a new port, the Free BSD ports system will register the newly installed port with pkg_*.While this is all true, there is still a gap for a good package manager that needs filling.So here comes pkgng (pkg: (next|new) generation), this is Free BSD’s next generation package manager , it is very nice.To make the ports instead register with pkg you need to make an add WITH_PKGNG=yes to This is one of the reasons why you cannot use pkgng with the official mirrors yet, this package ‘repo.txz’ and therefore the file ‘repo.sqlite’ does not exist yet.Assuming you have PACKAGESITE setup as described in the section or set to a similar package site, maybe your own?

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