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The entire thing is so comical but also insulting to one's common sense and intelligence and just goes contrary to the nature of women.

All pretty girls and they all just happen to be interested in emailing me at the same time, but there is just one problem....want money in order to be able to talk to them.Regards Within a few days I got 80 direct messages. Glad I read reviews here before getting tempted to enter credit card for some chat time.Got scammed by a similar site, within hours, got 50 messages. Got tons of 'women' that want to chat and you immediately run out of chat time and how to pay for more. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service. Once i saw how worthless the site was, I turned off the auto renew feature on their website almost immediately, even called the phone number provided for cancellation and talked to a REAL PERSON to verify that auto renew was turned off and I could not be charged again past the 3 day trial period.Not only were 99% of the profiles on their site obviously completely fake, just people using false pictures of attractive women to try to milk you for personal information, they tried to make unauthorized charges to my bank account after the fact, and take money I absolutely did NOT agree to pay for any service. Should you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again via email [email protected] Despite reading all of the horrible reviews I tried this site out for myself and within minutes I deleted it.

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And then if you don't want to continue with that, just call *that* number?? Your bank will take care of this over the phone and block them for a long time - mine was 40 months.

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