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According to the urban legend, there is a headless ghost wandering among the computer labs on the 3rd storey at SP.

It is said that the headless ghost only wandered around 7.00pm to 8.00pm and somehow appeared more during rainy days.

As it was too much of a logistical/PR nightmare, they left the body there.

Till this day, many students avoid walking through Block 18 as that place exudes “bad vibes”.

But considering the freak circumstances yesterday, she probably could have given them a pass.Apparently, this incident happened to a girl during a school camp when she was bathing alone at the last cubicle of Design School’s level 1 toilet. Then she hears loud bang—the second cubicle door was kicked open.As the loud bangs got closer and closer to her, a “lady” started counting down in Malay.A Ngee Ann Polytechnic student has taken to Facebook to express his frustrations over an allegedly inflexible lecturer who locked him and his fellow students out of class for being late.It’s a pretty typical way to penalize tardy students for sure, and the lecturer reserves the right to do so to prevent disruptions in her class.

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