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It was discussed at length on here around 2004-2005.A pic of Charlie from a NYSD story at link; he's not exactly a "jock type with a great body."Well I think Jake is as fruity as a packet of Juicy Fruit but the Charlie rumor was brought into question by our maths boffins here when it was shown Jake would have been 70 and Charlie 12 at the time it allegedly happened (discounting extreme sluttiness/daring on both parts).

Robinson" Down, while Nadia's character might has well be named "Ho-ee" for her slutting through Salem's menfolk.I posted this here at the time, but nobody seemed to care.Like I said he's slighter and shorter looking in person, but he is extremely good looking. And just because BB and NB are in a relationship now doesn't mean he couldn't have got with gays in the past or guarantee they don't have an open or 3-way-friendly relationship. Nichols's girlfriend was with them at that particular game where they were papped, but she was conveniently cropped out of all the photos posted here and on other gossip sites online. Not only did the OP specifically mention Nadia, so did r27. This is of course the 'girlfriend' who denied she was anything other than a friend to either of the guys.[quote]He is in a relationship with Nadia Bjorlin. R98, unless you live under Brandon's bed, you don't know what you're talking about.R53, perhaps you are the one that needs to do some reading. Brandon and Nadia appear to be a couple, and regularly talk about their lives on Twitter, so until there is proof to the contrary, we should take their word for it."All the Austin stuff, including the pictures of them together at a Lakers game, are almost entirely based on conjecture.

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