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Alternatively, you can also call is Valid on the client side Maske Edit object or access Is Valid property on the server side to verify whether the input is valid.

Hello, I have a question about the Masked Edit Validator.

I use the choice segment in the ending part (in stead of the alphanumeric segment)because I want the user to be able to scroll thought the letters. At execution time, the kind of input does not matter, I always receive the message :"Klantcode is invalid"Probably, I do not understand and use the correct syntax of the Masked Edit Validator statement.

Validation server controls are set of controls that enable you to work with the information your end users inputs into application.

We can understand validation under two categories: Client side validation and Server side validation.

In this way, we can bring certain degree of discipline in end user.I have entered 55 which did not fall under given range, so validation fails giving out this error message.You can use Range Validator not only for validating numbers but also about validating a range of string characters, calendar dates.For instance, you can specify that a form's element value must be an integer and greater than a specified number.As shown in above output, you can see that Comparison Validator makes comparisons between two form elements.

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