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This proves a real poser, because Philippoussis is exactly 30 years old, and thus old enough to appreciate a woman with experience.

And it’s important to understand your strengths, but also your weaknesses, while adjusting them during the match depending on who your opponent is and how your game matches up to theirs. They have added a shot clock between points, which I don’t mind.I think it's obvious how physical the game has become over the years and the reason behind it is that the game has slowed down a lot in terms of the playing condition on the courts.The balls are heavier and much slower than they used to be, so the rallies are longer. Because of this, the players have become physically stronger. Also, the technology in racquets and strings have a lot to do with it.Now featuring on the legends circuit, the player variously nicknamed the Scud and Poo insists he has no regrets over a career which didn’t fully realise its early promise.“I had a lot of fun,” he says, “and I have to tell you that everything I did I would do again.”Let’s call him the Scud; it’s more becoming.

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