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Lee Byung-Hun's sister, Eun-hee Lee, would go on to win the Miss Korea beauty pageant in 1996. I read on other articles where people defending Dahee and badmouthed to LBH because of his past and that he is married. May God bless you and keep you forever in His care. I love Lee Byung Hun and i am his biggest fan, therefore as soon his movie RED 2 came here i forced my friends to come with me to cinema to see it LOL I really enjoyed the movie and the last dialog he said in the movie was really funny. I cried when BHL was shot at the end of IRIS season 2. I wish you and min a happy marital life in advance. in dramas, the hours are countless but we lose him. There are a few people in the world that leave one feeling so good knowing that he is in the world... i love this actor ,it 's my favor ,i like yuor acting,im sorry because in romania not see this all movie,{sorry for my english], I hope see much movie and dorama with Lee Byung Hun.

We normally watch action movies or drama from hollywood but now we have change to Korean channel. Pls keep LBH on the top list for the next IRIS (2) and Kim tae hee as this two really make the IRIS happening ..Malaysia we have a "'Korean village" and i think I might send all my girls to the korean language centre ...hahahah... Byung-hun is a a very talented actor and I love him to bits! Hey cjl10000, Movie wise if you're interested in seeing more of Byung-hun Lee his best films to check out (in my opinion of course) are "The Good The Bad The Weird" (the first time he plays a villain and he does it with a lot style - you'll most likely swoon often at his performance), "A Bittersweet Life" (a mafia themed movie with Byung-hun Lee playing a bodyguard to the #1 boss and he's ordered to watch his boss' mistress while he goes away on a business trip and of course he falls for her), and "JSA" (classic film involving South & North Korean border guards who meet nightly and become friends despite the politics swirling around them), and "Bungee Jumping of Their Own" (pure romance film with a strange twist). He's very handsome, very athletic, and all-around hunky as imaginable. Jackie Chan is insistent upon it whenever possible, and Jet Li (another major hottie), does a lot of his too.

But something that bother me is..he invited friends to drink who definitely girls to his home when his wife outside home. His image in my mind effected me when watching him in his dramas. Yes, he is married, but that doesn't mean he can't bring aged girls at his home for the drinks when his wife is away on vacation. Sometimes, it is just good to opt for a cliffhanger, that the hero went off into the sunset - where, we'd not know. The more of you in cinema, at home and international for us US fans, the better. I first got acquainted with Lee Byun Hun when I watched Beautiful Days. That is why I fell in love with Korean dramas and movies. Hope and pray that you will meet your dream bride soon.

Actually I don't care about actor's/actress's personal issue or scandal or affair or something like that, because what we hear about them maybe completely different with what really happen. He said that he just friends with that girls who sent blackmail to him. You can cheat, has affair, disco, get drunk, even make love with other woman or 10 women, but don't do that at your home. And in the midst of announcements that IRIS 2 is coming out.

Two years later, Lee Byung-Hun would appear in Chan-wook Park's landmark cold-war film "Joint Security Area." Lee Byung-Hun's performance as Sgt. I looking now for a new drama serie with you.are for me the best actor... My hats off and bow to the writers, directors and the actors. If possible can you tell me why they decided to end the show? His repertoire is extensive, even made foreign films (USA), until he delivered the Oscars in 2016. Most articles about his scandals makes him looks like a person who has no etiquette and heart, something like that..... Like what I said in my previous comment, what we read in articles often completely different with what really happen.

Soo-hyeok Lee, a soldier who crosses over to the North Korean side nightly to visit his "enemies," struck a deep chord with audiences and critics alike. God bless you and your family I'm watching Mr Sunshine for the third time ! The series prompted me to research the history of Korea, and to take a trip to Seoul for the Asia Artist Awards. The dramas that captivated me are All In, Iris and Mr. But we can't believe gossip articles and news that corner him with unclear source like that. So, we should not interfere with his personal life, and don't believe gossip.

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