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I feel like my whole being gained the ability to love more deeply, be more understanding, and really care about people.

It was like experiencing all this pain, enabled me to achieve a higher level of compassion, and mercy, like a super power!!

Whenever someone tells me they have a mental health disorder, I almost feel as if I am moved with compassion and love towards them automatically, does that make sense?

I think Heavenly Father’s plan for me is very different.

he’s probably unworthy.” Some of my friends told me God would never bless me life again if I didn’t make it back to my mission and that I’m unworthy for blessings. People would give talks in church and mention me and say something like “We all have a good feeling that you’ll be going back out” and that really stunned me because I was really sick. I was experiencing “derealization” which is a symptom of severe anxiety, so I didn’t really feel like it was all real. Surprisingly being sent home didn’t affect my church activity, although I had many questions as to why my body was failing me, and why I was barely able to live normally I kept going and doing my best.

It was all my choice, and I wanted to prove to Heavenly Father I could do this, and love him more than I have before.People didn’t talk to me the same way after that, in my ward, instead of people saying, “Hey Branden! I’ve seen people with cancer, and missing Limbs function more normally than I was able to at that time.” With a happy smile or whatever, they seemed to be more reserved towards me as if to think, “Oh, Branden’s home now, I wonder why… That’s what being home consisted of for the first few weeks, and it was hard.In order to guide them, each was given a series of questions.– Blakely Gull “This, I suppose, is one of those moments where you are literally holding onto the ‘iron rod’ as tight as you can and you can’t see your own hand in front of you.” By Brendan Estrada I decided to serve a mission because I genuinely wanted to serve Heavenly Father and be useful to him.

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I’m not to the point where I can say truthfully that I’m thankful for this trial, but I do know that it has changed my life completely.

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