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But listen to Professor Julia Morton who was the leading expert in Florida on toxic plants..

Unripe berries have killed children and the foliage has killed livestock.

The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and the County of Palm Beach are not responsible for weather or ocean conditions that may differ from what is seen on the web cameras.

Any boater that navigates through the inlet and into open water does so at his or her own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL PARTS of this plant are POISONOUS if eaten and can be FATAL.Obviously, this plant spreads well, but in zone 5, that won't last through the winter for me.:( On Mar 5, 2003, ranch45 from Interlachen, FL wrote: I love my lantana...The World Conservation Union IUCN has included this species on their list of 100 of the world's worst invasive species, an honor it shares with only 31 land plants. On Apr 3, 2012, TRUNK from North Andrews Gardens, FL wrote: LANTANA Depressa, is the only lantana that should be grown in florida. The other lantanas are starving native butterflies and birds and destroying the ntive habitats in Florida.Home depot and Lowes and other gardens center sell the the invasive lantans because eveyone is buying the pretty non-natives. depressa ) are just as beautiful and do more good than harm.

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I’ve eaten ripe berries as a trail-side nibble and I am still here.

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