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Ciel nosurge, full name Surge Concerto: Ciel nosurge, is a life simulation video game for the Play Station Vita developed by Gust.

The player is introduced to Ionasal (shortened to "Ion" in the game), a girl with amnesia; the player's objective is to help Ion regather her memories by entering her mind, which is shown as a broken world which the player can repair (in order to recover Ion's memories).

A happy-go-lucky free spirit, she hates dull things and trouble, basically passing such issues on to others.

She takes pride in her charming ears and in her drop-dead gorgeous body.[From the English official site]A young boy from the town of Manjusara who saves Ion.

Early in 2006, they had a nation-wide tour "LIVE CAFE TOUR'06 - NYAPPY GO AROUND".

They also had a first solo hall live "9 DANCE WAR" at Tokyo Kudan Kaikan with the concept of "Kizuna - Bonds" as if they were confirming their strong emotional bond with the fans.

The game is notably the first game to be developed by Gust after their merger with Tecmo Koei.[Description from Wikipedia]"Plus, I think I'd be better at making a bomb than a pickaxe!

Please, just let me go home."A girl who has had interactions with Ion and Casty in the past.

She is searching for her home, but her current location is unknown.

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