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Being very well developed for my age (looked 20) i had already been fucked by my sisters boyfriend.My Uncle and aunt were going away and needed the dog to be looked after.I became aware that the licking had stppoed, i was just about to look over my shoulder when I felt his weight on me, his huge paws under my hips dragging me towards him.At this stage i still thoudgt that he was still going to lick me more when to my surptise I felt something sticky prodding my ass cheeks the briefly hit my shock caused me to rear backwards That was all he needed to drive his dick into my pussy..My head was swimming and I was meeting his thrusts and licks.Iwas was aware of gutteral sounds ( they were mine)I was on my side and had my riright leg lifted ot give him access.i had anothe huge orgasm.The pain was now dull and huge waves of pleasure were overwhelming me. I was vaguely aware that his had stopped fucking me and he was filling me up with his cum. i felt him lift himself off me and his back leg lifted over my back scractching me.i llok back and saw that he was now standing facin wawya from m. i did not know that these were the slod foundations being set for me to develop into a willing K9 Bitch.

I stll get knotted three days a week twice or sometimes more a day I am a K9 bitch and very happy with who i am and what I do..

This website contains grownup cloth, in case you are under 18 years vintage, you must right now go away this internet site.

b I was about 14 going on 15 when I had my first K9 experience.

I rolled on to my tummy and tried to recover but he continued licking and prodding me relentlesslt.

Surrendering to the intense pleasure, i lifted my ass to himand when he stated licling from my pussy upwards to my butt I lost all control.

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This is what has always squicked me out (apart form the fact that I look at dogs the same way I look at human babies). The dog can't do anything except what it is ordered and "trained" to do. Why some people like popping balloons and sometimes they like shoes.

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