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However, it also comes right after pictures of said drama circulating about the internet and hell, dude is looking smokin’. Also, I’m sure, you’ve seen the hotass bikini photo of Hwangbo. And breakfast in Hwangbo’s dictionary is not just measly bread and jam, it consists of actual main dish with other side dishes and rice. She is cooking a Fried Chicken Soup (I had this before but it came out totally different than what she was making, so I don’t know what the real dish is like) with egg rolls and ham. Thus, they teach her the most successful way to wake Hyunjoong up, by tickling him. What follows is Hwangbo being tested if she is a worthy wife for Hyunjoong.

THAT is the body I will dream about when I am running on the treadmill. As I haven’t eaten in hours, right now this sounds effectively heavenly. Hubby remains in bed so she opts to wake the two other members, Kyujong (luubbbbhhh) and Hyungjoon. Even though Hwangbo is nervous because tickling him would involve a more intimate body contact, she ends up doing it anyway. First part of the test is to prove herself in the kitchen.

Hwangbo is in charge of providing entertainment, one of them being a live circus performance.

LOL, I swear to god, Hwangbo’s level of commitment is something to be admired. Then Hyunjoong and Hwangbo head out to the recording studio that SS501 is producing their japanese album.

Just like SS501 calling Hwangbo old is unnecessary, Hwangbo cleaning their dorm is too much.After dishes, Hyunjoong and Hwangbo are talking and the former wonders why nobody says thank you for the meal.And the next thing you know he yells at the members and drags them back to the dining room to say thank you, lols.The lyrics go like: Let’s hug, let’s kiss, let’s melt into each other. Hyunjoong likes the second try, so much that he slips up and calls her ‘Yeobo’, which is an intimate way a married couple calls each other.Earlier Hwangbo wonders if maybe she should do a little featuring since she is here anyway. He explains that she can just do some background voices. She is delegated the lyrics of: “Yeaahhhh, ahhh, and baby come on” hahaha. I guess it’s akin to ‘Honey’, or perhaps more intimate because that little slip up actually made them uber embarrassed. Hwangbo nails it on the third try and it actually sounds really good.

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