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Scosche has some pretty cool ones, you can pre-order now, they ship "mid September" ID1/210/sf ID2/212 (scroll down to see the i Pod touch cases)I'm not a fan of the blue lights either (though I do like the LED lights on MBZ and Audi and the angel eyes on BMWs) I like the smoked tails because it just seems to flush and flow with the car.. The lights can be seen, they don't completely cover the light...

the backup lights are 100% visible, and the break lights shine right through the overlays (even in complete day light) Some people though black out everything including the backup lights.

or for your security people to go around roughing people up. So what do you think of Selena Gomez dating David Henrie?

It provides a good grip, slides nicely into my pocket, but doesn't slide around in my car when I place it on my center console.i think that Selena is David Henrie sister because behind the scenes i heard this is Selena Gomez exact words ''I Know WHAT MY BROTHER LIKES TO Wear that proves that,that daivd Henrie is her realbrother so im right and your wrong everybody that said that their dating which their not because just because they holding hands dosent mean there dating you cant prove this No, Selena Gomez and David Henrie have NOT had sex before, their both still under age, they're only best friends, they've not even been going out before, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas have been out before, but no, David Henrie is a virgin, and so is Selena Gomez. Selena's dating Bieber, it was their one year anniversary yesterday. The CPU is just there to tell the GPU what to crunch assuming no FLAGS were thrown regarding a particular DRM-protected data. We are the hardcore bunch here-we don't mess around (unlike the kids playing at the other side of the MR sandbox).Thunderbolt is just the transmission protocol, there is no actual decode or encode besides what is hard wired at the ports. ;) Couldn't have said it better : D PC/Winblows/Droided users, steer clear..! I personally think that people who can't drive a standard transmission, are just lazy (and that goes for my mother, and her habit of doing her makeup while driving).

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