Is andy dating juliet

Andy Biersack attended Catholic grade school, where he was attracted from musical interest.

Later he performed at Cincinnati's School for Creative and Performing Arts.

But no Andy Biersack isn't gay, he is in a serious relationship with a female...its ok that you are curious about it...don't let people bother you when they act dumb...

Andy is not gay, I am sure you think he is, that is your opinion, but the rest of the BVB Army think he is a great man and will do great things in the future, whoever put this up, your answer is, HE IS NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!

BVB is changing image so you don't have any proof that he's gay,and only because he's hot as hell,that means only that you're jealous of him!

It really pisses me off that some people get mad when someone asks if a person is gay! It doesn't mean that they don't like gay people, they just want to know, DAMN!

We don’t have any information about Juliet Simms past affairs & dating.The way Andy looks is a personal expression~ and if you get know anything about andy and actually spend time listeing to him and getting to know the things that he is interested in then you will find out that Andy has a girlfriend in which he is very interested in. Juliet Nicole Simms (born February 26, 1986) is an American singer-songwriter and former front woman of the band Automatic Loveletter.She released her first single, “Wild Child,” in 2012.She has a total of 245 thousand followers in Twitter and this proves her fame in the site.

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Biersacks parents are Amy Biersack and Chris Biersack.

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