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During the narrative of the series, he accompanies his exiled nephew Zuko on his quest to capture the series's protagonist Aang to restore the young prince's honor and birthright; Iroh acts as a mentor who seeks to help his nephew become a better person than his father.

In the episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se", Iroh's name was written as 艾洛 (aì lùo).

However, Azulon is incensed at this lack of respect for Iroh's position and his loss and orders Ozai to kill his own son, Prince Zuko, as an act of atonement.

Instead, Ozai conspires with his wife, Princess Ursa, to assassinate Azulon and seize the leadership while Iroh is in mourning and disinterested in state affairs; with the life of her son on the line, Ursa does not feel she can refuse and assists Ozai in a successful poisoning of Azulon.

Something of a hedonist in his old age, he shows more interest in relaxation and amusement than in his nephew's pursuit of the Avatar.

Despite his age, Iroh is seen flirting with various women throughout the series and has been addressed as "handsome" on multiple occasions.

In general, Iroh's inherent nature and the course of his life have brought him to a philosophy that embraces peacefulness, harmony, and mutual understanding rather than conflict.Iroh had a vision early in life that he would be the one to capture the city, but the death of his only son breaks his desire to continue in the effort; having always been driven more by a sense of duty than personal ambition, Iroh abandons the siege.Ozai, the far more opportunistic and ambitious of the brothers, attempts to convince their father that, owing to Iroh's shameful defeat, decreased standing in the nation, and lack of heirs, Ozai ought to be made heir to the leadership of the Fire Nation.Ozai ascends to the position of Fire Lord: although the events immediately following Azulon's secret murder are never depicted in flashbacks, it seems that his death was explained as the result of natural causes and that the still-mourning Iroh had no interest in challenging his brother for control of the nation, instead acquiescing to Ozai's investiture as Fire Lord and entering a permanent semi-retirement from state affairs.Iroh was believed to have killed off the last of the world's dragons, earning him the title "Dragon of the West"; but in actuality he was secretly the pupil of the last two dragons, and thus learned from them to drive his Firebending powers from vitality rather than from rage as most of his contemporary firebenders did; Iroh lied about killing the last of the dragons to bring an end to the Fire Nation tradition of dragon hunts.

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