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Accordingly, the emperor remained in the inner palaces, and consulted only with Zhao Gao.Because of this, the high ministers rarely had the opportunity to see the emperor in court.From his reign onwards, the Qin empire slid to a decline.After one of the tours, Zhao Gao suggested he examine the governors and military commandants and punish those who are guilty of some crime.Zhao Gao was made the Prime Minister of the Qin empire during Qin Er Shi's reign.

So sweet, because she finally believe Pan Da is Panda Superman and give him a hug CUTE ^^- The words that Chi Nan Jie said to Jason about Li Ah. - Xiao Yu thought Pan Da is dead, but when he come back. - Panda cake & Panda lollipop for Xiao Yu from Pan Da for her bday! - Pan Da want to sacrifice his life for saving the world from 'brain washing'!

Chinese: 熊貓人English: Pandamen Genre: SF, Action, Drama, Romance Episodes: 20Country: Taiwan/China Year: 2010Rating: 8.8My though: OMG I love this serie! I hardly can remember when I finish a Taiwanese serie in 5 days! They are both from the group Nan Quen Mama and I never got attentions for them.

Its maybe a little bit childish with the cartoon in it But if you like action, romance, piano you really have to watch it! Although I will change a little bit if I was Jay, but love the scene of Ah Jie & Li Ah @ The end I was also happy that Bei Dou catch attention of me in the last EP to betray his boss! I got one of their CD and love the songs but thats all! But this her first serie so have a long way to go Atleast her songs are nice! In my opinion Tiffany is the first female leader & Jessie the second!

The practice ended abruptly with the third emperor Ziying (子婴), when Qin dynasty was overturned by Chu and Han.

Qin Er Shi depended on eunuch Zhao Gao so much so that he acted as a puppet emperor, with the eunuch as puppeteer.

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Hope he can take care of Li Ah, because Chi Nan Jie don't know how much time he left- Li Ao fighting scene in the jail! - The promises that Chi Nan Jie & Li Ah make before he wants to save his father- Chi Nan Jie want Li Ah leaving Taiwan with Jason. His last words and memories are Xiao Yu & his father.

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