How to talk to an intimidating boss

It reinforced my low self-esteem and self-worth that I couldn’t be as smart as those above me.

Later that night, at dinner, all the other general managers told me they thought it was a great idea and I should do it anyway.

For example, during my first year in college, I seemingly out of nowhere developed the uncontrollable, nervous habit of repeating the last thing someone had just said in a social setting.

Feeling misunderstood or a sense of powerlessness can rear its ugly head when someone else unapologetically takes charge of a situation (as I experienced in college in the example above).First and foremost, I suggest starting by looking within. Think back to the people who have intimidated you in the past. When I think back, I can definitely spot a pattern to the type of people I felt intimidated by: people with some perceived “power” (confidence, assertiveness, popularity, etc.).Their ability to effortlessly be who they were, speak their truth, and command the crowd only punctuated the fact that I struggled to do so myself.He said, “everyone is better than others at something and because of that we must be humble enough to realize that when we are in front of someone else, and for that reason, everyone deserves our respect and appreciation.” And, it really doesn’t matter what that is, or even if it’s important to us.Just being humble enough to know that that’s the truth leads to mutual respect. You know much more about your role than your bosses, this makes you a peer of them.

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I created a presentation for our organizational meetings in the fall where I could offer the concept to our principal owner and the four other general managers in our organization.

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