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I always feel like, as a bloke, I should be able to approach women in RL, as this is the natural way of things. There are thousands of people on the site, they are no more homogenous than MNers.Blokes who use internet dating always strike me as social misfits, even though I must be one too as I dallied with it for a bit. Yeah, you have to pay; it's not a public service Persevere - he was my ninth date from the site.I think if I was single again and wanted to meet someone online it'd be the service I'd use though. The ones I met were nice - nothing clicked relationshipwise but they were all of a decent standard (looks, education, friendliness)!

Nice to hear about people who got together in this way but it obviously does not work for the majority as otherwise the companies would be out of business!I met some OK men through it, I felt they tended to be a bit My mate met her life partner on it.V handsome, single, no kids or possessive mum or xp, solvent in fact senior management in her area of media, lived two miles away, loads in common and still adores her & wait for it - welsh speaking.I must admit, what puts me off internet dating is the thought of women I know seeing me on it as it makes me look desperate.I know they're on it too, but it feels like a more natural environment for a woman then it does a bloke.

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