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As to the cause of the breakup, the grapevine is abuzz, but details are still indefinite.

From teen heartthrob to charistmatic leading man, he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, and has made viewers fall with every word, gesture, and stare.

Gerald, who stands at the height of 5' 10" (1.78 m), is the first child of his parents and has a younger brother named Kenneth, while his mother was previously married and has two daughters from her former marriage.

Gerald and Kenneth maintain strong siblings bond with their step-sisters but have no rivalry between them despite being born of different fathers.

Hence, the fans of the couple have speculated that the two might be undergoing a trying time.

Nonetheless, sources are already claiming that the relationship is indeed over.

Just like when her previous relationships ended, Bea might probably not issue any statement on this hurtful matter.

Similarly, Gerald keeps mum on his partners and rarely speaks when his relationships are over, which is what a gentleman ought to do.

These posts involve her boyfriend of almost three years, Gerald Anderson.

But given all of the buzz surrounding Anderson, here's a look back at all of the women who have been publicly linked to him.

Gerald has achieved success in his professional career at a young age, but the same can't be said about his love life.

He may know just the right moves to make someone was seen liking posts of an Instagram user who spotted Anderson and Barretto together on that same night.

Barretto, meanwhile, has reportedly disabled comments to her Instagram posts.

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  1. That way, you can mutually scout each other’s profiles and get a clearer impression of whether you’d get along socially. But if they don’t have anything to hide (and assuming you don’t) it’s one way to let someone in, before taking the step to meet them – especially if you don’t live particularly near one another. I’m not advising that you throw caution to the wind and arrange a date for every day of the week (although if you feel confident enough to do so, then go for it.