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You should leave,” Gleeson suggested.“I’ve been told to leave a number of times,” Abdel-Magied said in response.“Sometimes you’re like, ‘Maybe they didn’t mean it,’ and then you come back and you’re like, ‘Oh, yep, they’re actually d—s’.”Gleeson decided to end the interview with one more reference to Abdel-Magied’s ANZAC scandal.“Sorry I forgot to ask, would you like an ANZAC biscuit? Pauline Hanson would be pretty upset about that,” Abdel-Magied shot back.

Speaking to , Gleeson said he initially wanted to interview Abdel-Magied immediately after the ANZAC Day furore occurred.“[But] the controversy was descending upon her and I think her management decided it would make it worse,” Gleeson explained.“At the time I thought it was perfect because I could pay her out to her face …

They may lack a hierarchy with a central figure like the Pope, but they rely on regional authorities: presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church, synods in the Lutheran Church, dioceses in the Episcopal Church, and annual conferences in the Methodist Church.

If the eight million American Methodists are like citizens, the Church’s hierarchy—what the Methodists call their connectional system—goes something like this: cities and towns (local churches, led by pastors) are organized into counties (districts, led by supervisors appointed by bishops), states (about fifty-five conferences, led by fifty bishops elected by lay and clerical delegates), regions (five jurisdictions, composed of lay and clerical delegates), and the nation (the General Conference, which takes place every four years, when almost a thousand voting clergy and lay members from around the world convene to set denominational budgets, approve policy changes, and revise the Book of Discipline).

”When Schaefer’s thirty-day suspension came to an end, he said that he would refuse to uphold the Book of Discipline, and went even further by describing the Church’s teachings on homosexuality as discriminatory.

A father and son are at the center of the Christian faith, so when the Methodist Church started putting fathers on trial for participating in the weddings of their sons, the faithful took notice.

You look like a tourist,” was Gleeson’s risky reply.

Gleeson continued to pepper Abdel-Magied, who is of Msulim faith, with intentionally ignorant questions like: “Do you ever feel bad about wearing a hat indoors? But perhaps his edgiest query was one involving disgraced Australian entertainer Rolf Harris, a convicted sex offender.“When you’re in London, do you ever hang out with Rolf Harris so you’re not the most-hated Australian in the room? Abdel-Magied was seemingly unbothered about being aligned with Harris, bursting into laughter and joking: “Rolf and I go to the pub quite regularly together … Gleeson’s line of questioning also included whether Abdel-Magied planned on releasing a second memoir (“,” she suggested) and why she kept coming back to the country that had criticised her so heavily.“What are you doing here?

It’ll be a slap on the hand.’ Even my bishop and my district superintendent were saying that.”But ecclesiastical trials like Schaefer’s and the one awaiting Ogletree in March reveal less about the politics of the Methodist Church than about the nature of its polity.

Most Protestant churches have quasi-democratic models of governance.

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