Error in updating the agent time stamp file

At first database startup, the application attempts to create the database schema, tables, and other artifacts needed by the Controller.

By default, the Enterprise Console waits 45 minutes for the Controller app server or database to start.

If the ping is unsuccessful during the user input validation, the following error message appears: "Could not determine the IP address of this host.If for some reason the App Agent reports metrics that are time-stamped ahead of the Controller time, the Controller rejects the metrics.To avoid this event, ensure that the system times for the machine on which the Controller is running and the machines for the app agents are in synchronization.When installing a medium or large profile Controller or into certain types of environments such as virtual machines, the time it takes to start up the system can exceed the default startup timeout period.Your Controller may not be starting due to file extensions of transaction logs created by Glassfish.

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Start the Controller database again and verify the Controller file for any error messages.

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