Ella and wu chun dating

In America, Lu Rui Xi (Ella Chen) watches a documentary on Taiwanese high jumper Zuo Yi Quan (Wu Chun).

Inspired by his jumps, Rui Xi decides that she wants to meet her idol and therefore transfers to Ying Kai University which he attends in Taiwan.

Quan iver hears Rui xi talking to Yu Ci Lang (Quan's dog) about her personal life and Quan hears about it and starts to like her.

Episode 4: Rui Xi starts receiving hate notes from Le Cheng Yang (Yang Yang) and is secretly sad/mad.

Lu Rui Xi chops all her hair off and wears boy clothes to look like a boy to be admitted to an all boys school to be with Zuo Yi Quan, a high jumper she admires.

After being admitted to the school, Rui Xi makes friends with Jin Xiu Yi and even becomes roommates with Quan!

Episode 1: Lu Rui Xi from America decided to go to Taiwan and go to Ying Kai university which is a boy school for her idol.

Unbeknown to Rui Xi, before her arrival Quan had given up high jumping after a road accident whilst trying to save his high school friend from being run over.

Their relationship begins to blossom when Rui Xi convinces Quan to return to high jumping.

However, since Xiu Yi is unaware that Rui Xi is a girl, he begins to question his own sexuality.

He even announced to the whole school that he is, in fact, gay.

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