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Older models have a serial number inside the lighter; a Dunhill technician must take apart the lighter to access the number.Take a picture of the lighter and of the lighter's serial number with the digital camera.What follows is a "general guide" as to dating; with it the reader should be able to date the majority of Dunhill pipes with which he/she comes into contact. Bruyere -introduced in 1910; signified by an "A" (meaning' best quality) on the side of the shank through 1975.

In 1950 a special series of "ODA" pipes was begun and continued through 1975. Collector - Denotes hand-turned bowls (as opposed to machine-turned) made from plateau briar. 1925: NOTE: For the years 1925 through 1941 the suffix number (denoting the year of manufacture) is sometimes after the patent number and sometimes after the word ENGLAND.I was told by the seller, whom I trust, and is a friend, that it might be from 1941-42.I checked John Loring's book and he states that in the absence of a circled group stamp, which began in 1951 it more than likely was made between 1942-1951.Dunhill is a UK-based maker of upper-end products such as menswear, timepieces, leather goods, pens and cufflinks, many of which have appeared in James Bond stories and movies.The Rollagas lighter, introduced in 1956, was Dunhill's first butane lighter; it employed Dunhill's thumb-roller design, which replaced the traditional flint wheel.

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