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Convinced that there must be a better way to connect with potential suitors, Ms.

Slotnik set out to build her own house of dates, Drip cafe on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Half of the guests look like they're on first dates - which they are - and the others are checking out potential dates by flipping through binders or watching who's coming through the door.

While some visitors might come just for a Cap'n Crunch milkshake and to give the room a once-over, the cafe's secret is these binders, a homemade library of one-page profiles of 30,000 singles.

Recently he and two of his friends who are also signed up decided to meet every Tuesday evening in the cafe. "So I'm wondering if I'm being too detailed with what I have or too descriptive of what I'm looking for," he says. "Follow me, please." She is led to a table where her date awaits."What's the worst that can happen? "There's no response, or I meet someone and it doesn't work out. Much less painful than going to a party and nobody talks to you, or everyone else there is in couples."Of course there was the woman who met her date, a puppeteer, who spoke to her only through puppets.

Going through the books with a friend is a popular pastime at Drip. As evening falls, men and women arriving solo are discreetly announcing themselves to a staff member standing behind the front counter. "Obviously there have been bad dates," Slotnik concedes.

Four years later, Slotnik is engaged, and 56 other couples owe their nuptials to Drip. "We consider ourselves an alternative to the typical singles bar, which is darker, louder, smokier, with a high percentage of drunk people," Slotnik says.

"Especially for women but also for men, that's not an ideal situation to meet people." At first Drip looks like a regular cafe.

Phone numbers and names are kept locked in Drip's database unless dates agree to give them out."Our motto is 'Straight to the date,' " Slotnik says.Or at least what passes for regular in New York: the faade is splashed with Barney purple and the inside sports a mix of retro lounge furniture and shelves featuring boxes of Pop Tarts and Cracker Jack.But the clientele within seems a bit more preoccupied than normal.There are no names, no photographs - only personal specs (age, education, occupation), musings on life (ideal weekend plans and vacation spots), and a couple of graphs (self-description, what you're looking for). When you see someone who interests you, Drip does the legwork.If both parties agree, a meeting is set up at the cafe.

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