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As he fall's deeper and deeper in love with you, you are setting him up for a hugh melt down if you don't do something about it as soon as possible.By the way, I am married to lesbian, many would think would be hardcore lesbian.We are open we talk to eachother, we are affectionate.We are best buddies with very many things in common and wanting to do a lot of things in life together. Our relationship is based on trust, respect and love of what makes us us. Well realize most heterosexual marriages end in divorce anyway.I also get along very much with her lesbian partner. When we married I didnt want her to take on my surname or anything like that. Likewise we talked about such, we know inside we will be friends for life, and if it comes to point that I did find a heterosexual female who wants to marry me, she has no problem us disolving our marriage, but our friendship will remain.

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Key with the guy is being upfront and honest, dont hold back.

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