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THE good old custom of "keeping company," as distinct from being formally engaged, obtains among the gondoliers' families at Venice.When a young man finds that a damsel eyes his suit with favour, he informs a friend, and the two don their best clothes and make a ceremonious call upon the girl's father.As in many cultures, during the reception, friends of the groom would sneak away to play tricks on the couple such as walling-in the door of the couple’s new home or putting itching powder on the bed.Finally, after the wedding in Naples, instead of thank you notes, brides are expected to bake cakes or some other baked good to thank her guests for attending the wedding.During the reception, the bride carries a satin pouch where guests can place envelopes of money for the chance to dance with her.Of course no reception would be complete without dancing the traditional tarantella, which is the dance of the spider and involves light and quick movements with passionate hand gestures.Discovering a new culture is an amazing travel experience, one that is even better when learned from the one you love.I’m sure many of us can relate to this if you have met someone while traveling or have married into a completely different culture than your own.

A curious piece of conventionality hems in the Tuscan maiden.

A Tuscan youth visits his innamorata on feast days, bringing as an offering a carnation or a rose.

When poetically inclined he also composes verses in her praise.

I wave my hands around while I talk like a native which leads me to Italian Hand Gestures 101. When speaking there are two volumes, loud and louder Ever walked into an Italian restaurant and heard nothing but silence? Italian’s speak with a passion and that passion sometimes comes out at a few decibels higher than the average person. But wherever you go in Italy you can see Italian’s have a strong pride for their country.

Flags adorn balcony’s and shop windows, the football team can actually sing their national anthem and they will wear Italy merchandise whenever possible!

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In Northern Italy, the groom brings the bride’s bouquet and he chooses the color and style of the flowers as his gift to her.

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