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Early nuts were made of wood and were used with wooden pegs.The square shape made it possible to form a tool in order to tighten nut in place.Square nuts are typically mated with square-headed bolts.Square nuts are used along with flat washers in order to avoid damage from its sharp edges and helps to increase the strength of the fastener.Our designer approved, high-quality clavos are the perfect addition to any project.We offer many hand-painted patina finishes that are rust preventative to fit any taste or design style.They can be paired with any of our clavos for unique looks.

Most can meet either the ASTM A194, ASTM A563, or ASTM F594 standard.Also referred to as door studs, rustic nail heads, decorative nails and faux bolt heads these fasteners have many decorative uses.Clavos or decorative nail heads are frequently used as adornments to doors, cabinets, furniture, and gates.Our products have the craftsmanship of our ancestors which shows in the small irregularities and inconsistencies of our hand-hammered products, and hand painted patina finishes, which is a small testament that these items are not stamped out of an assembly line, as well as, the numerous options we offer for each individual product.Old West Iron's iron fireplace mantle straps have the option to be structural or decorative.

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Our hinge straps have a choice of being used as a faux decorative strap or a fully functioning pintle, butt, or barrel hinge.

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