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The heavy transformers and copper chassis assembly were placed on the bottom of the amp cabinet.

An internal “umbilical cord” linked the chassis to the volume and tone controls at the amp top.

My first Fender amp was a 1965 blackface Deluxe, purchased new for 9 at The Music Manor in Ft. I couldn’t scrape together the extra to get the Deluxe Reverb upgrade, but I figured I didn’t need reverb anyway.

The Deluxe was pretty loud for a small amp, but it wasn’t as loud as the Bandmaster our lead player used.

First named the “Dual Professional,” this amp was soon renamed the “Super Amp,” with two 10” silver Jensen speakers. This amp has a TV front and a 15” Jensen Alnico bluebell speaker with the choke mounted on the side.

I have presented my amps in rough chronological order by era.

It has four inputs, two each for the instrument and microphone channels, with two volume controls.

The capacitors are original and the preamp tubes are the old metal 6SC7 tubes, which would be replaced in the early ‘50s by the glass 12AX7 – type vacuum tubes. This amp is constructed much the same as the Pro, with TV front and a single 12” Jensen Alnico bluebell speaker.

Many years later, in the ‘80s, I was back into playing and recording and looked in the want ads for a Fender tube amp. That amp turned out to be an early-production 1960 Pro-Amp.

I started to investigate the world of pre-CBS Fender amplifiers.

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“N” was the highest-rated guitar amp speaker for 10” and above; “R” the lowest.

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