Dating depositions

Consequently, the maximum amount of material deposited on the surface after a single exposure to all of the precursors (a so-called ALD cycle) is determined by the nature of the precursor-surface interaction.

ALD is considered one deposition method with great potential for producing very thin, conformal films with control of the thickness and composition of the films possible at the atomic level.

In panel A, precursor 1 (blue) is added to the reaction chamber containing the material surface to be coated by ALD.

After precursor 1 has adsorbed on the surface, any excess is removed from the reaction chamber.

ALD is a key process in the fabrication of semiconductor devices, and part of the set of tools available for the synthesis of nanomaterials.

During atomic layer deposition a film is grown on a substrate by exposing its surface to alternate gaseous species (typically referred to as precursors).

Precursor 2 is then cleared from the reaction chamber and this process is repeated until a desired thickness is achieved and the resulting product resembles panel D.In the 1990s, ALE development in Microchemistry was directed to semiconductor applications and ALE reactors suitable for silicon wafer processing. and the ALD technology were sold to the Dutch ASM International, a major supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and Microchemistry Ltd.became ASM Microchemistry Oy as ASM's Finnish daughter company.TFEL display manufacturing remained until the 1990s the only industrial application of ALE.In 1987, Suntola started the development of the ALE technology for new applications like photovoltaic devices and heterogeneous catalysts in Microchemistry Ltd., established for that purpose by the Finnish national oil company Neste Oy.

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Once all those sites have been consumed in the reactor, the growth stops.

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