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He also was wearing a leather mask with the eyes and mouth zipped shut and a two-piece metal sphere covering his head.

Geez, if the ball gag didn’t get him, then the fashion police would have.

), which was not in English parlance in the fifteenth century).

It stated that ‘no manner of man who will be accounted for an Englishman have any beard above the mouth, that is to say, that he have no hair upon his upper lip, so that the said lip be at least shaven within two weeks, or of equal growth with the nether lip’.

This was problematic because ‘the killing of Englishmen and of Irishmen requires different forms of punishment’.

Englishmen faced capital punishment for killing fellow Englishman, but not Irishmen.

This odd sex death ended up being a hoax, but it was still covered widely by the media and deserves a mention.

For the people listed in the following 10 scenarios, they all had one thing in common – sex!

Moustaches threatened the very safety of the colony, and Englishmen who disobeyed the moustache ban suffered a harsh penalty.

They lost the protection of English law, and could be captured along with their possessions and ransomed ‘as Irish enemies’.

English outward appearance was part and parcel of English identity, which colonists feared was increasingly under threat in the later middle ages, as cultural exchange between the colonists and the Irish continued apace.

The moustache was, for colonial authorities, an ominous marker of the erosion of ‘Englishness’ in Ireland.

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These homicides within the colonial community also caused feuding and ‘rancor’ between settler families.

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