Dating and courting done right

The problem was I didn’t really understand what sex was. So, once Jeremy and I were married, we decided when we had children, we would build an open and trusting relationship with our children.We would start young teaching them about appropriate relationships and boundaries. When our children are about 8 years old, we begin teaching them about the difference between boys and girls, and the need for privacy.My parents were more vague about how to pursue a relationship with others, and left a lot unsaid, and left it to the church to teach us.The one thing I did know was not to have sex outside of marriage, and if I got pregnant before marriage I would be a disgrace.They tell us when they are having feelings for someone, or desiring a relationship with someone.

Because of these rules, we have Above Reproach Rules.

Sometimes when I have a hard time communicating with a child, I will read them an article or book that says what I want to convey to them, and then discuss it with them.

Maybe this article will be the one for you to discuss with your child.

But Jeremy came up with what he believes is a reasonable list of requirements. They need to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready to care for someone else more than themselves.

Requirements to date: There is no way to completely prepare our children for marriage, but if we begin young setting a good example in our own marriage, and then talking often of the beauty and privilege of marriage our children will desire to keep marriage sacred and will honor our request to wait and seek just the right mate.

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